Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chain Maille, modeled by Aurora (BBB Ariel)

"Hello again! It's been a while, hasn't it?" 

I am sorry for the long while between posts. Life as always has been dragging me around busily.

"Recently Melz has been creating more clothing and jewelery for us. Recently we took a trip to the craft store for supply and after some suggestions from me Melz picked up chain maille supplies to start a new hobby. We originally just went for face-up supplies for me, now we have face-up supplies and new accessories."

"First thing that Melz created was this lovely Celtic flower necklace. It fits perfectly."

I am currently debating on selling the necklaces and other chain maille items for dolls, so if anyone is interested feel free to leave me a message or email me. I may do human sized but not currently offering those. I will tell you prices and such when you contact me.

"The necklace lays nice and flat on my chest, it doesn't seem to flip around or anything. You can see that the whole necklace is chain maille. I watched Melz make it one link at a time."

"This is the back of the necklace that I was wearing above. But look at my belt! Melz said it is called a "Butterfly Chain."

"The butterfly chain also makes a lovely headdress. I felt like royalty during the photos of these new accessories."

"Melz has been getting ready to do my faceup for a while now. As soon as we have a dry clear day Melz said she will be spraying me with the coating and getting me ready."

Soon I will be posting more along the actual story lines of my dolls including their personal biographies.

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