Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aurora's post (Images of new faceup too)

Hello All, Remember me?
I am Aurora. I came from a wonderful place called, The Junky Spot, last year. Over that course of a year I underwent some drastic changes. 

I started out as a Bobobie Ariel with our pre-done faceup. While Melz liked my face, it didn't quite fit my personality. While I am slightly shy and quiet I am not necessarily a brown eyed, "blank" faced girl.

 Seeing as I was forced to leave behind my family and race, Fairies, I became slightly sad in the human world. My faceup was created to portray that sadness. I lived for a year with this look. Melz did this as her first faceup ever.
The longer I remained sad the larger the vine tattoo across my face grew. I knew I had to embrace life.
 I guess I should tell you about myself. Let's see...
My name is Aurora. I am a rare Fairy who is approximately the size of an adult human. But I am significantly shorter than most human males. I am 24 in human years. I am currently trying to live in the human world since I was sent out of the fairy home to find my own way in life. Being one of the few bigger fairies, life isn't always easy on us.

This year I have changed. I have learned to embrace the human way of life. While my personality is definitely progressing my look is finally the way it should have been. I now have short silver hair and purple eyes. The way my Fairy self should look.
So Melz has given me a few faceup, and two tattoos. A butterfly over my right eye. I guess that vine that grew in my sadness flew across my face and became a butterfly? Hehe. And my left shoulder has a green spiral design. I wonder what the design means?
I did express my desire for drastic silver lashes. Since my top lashes are not yet ready, I love the drama of the larger bottom ones.
My dress hasn't been altered to fit me yet, so it was a bit loose still. But I love the colors.
As you can see there are two silver dots on the tips of my ears. My Fairy family told me this happens when we Fairy come of age until we get married. I guess I better get use to them.
Anyway, after a long year I am ready to go out and about again. Expect to hear more from me and my friends!
Good night, and Good bye for now!

Melz here: Aurora is currently wearing a DollZone wig and it's very shinny white blond. All the pink you see in her hair is just reflection of her dress. :) Her faceup was done by me. She has some silver/opal colored scroll work on her cheeks and a moon and star. They are only seen in certain light. She was restrung with a restringing kit from Junky Spot. The eyes she has in are Glib Chara in purple. Her wig and eyes are both purchased at The Junky Spot. (Thanks Emory!!)
I am sorry again for the
of time since my last post. Life hasn't gone to easily. I hope to have the ability to update more. Hope you enjoyed the first glance into Aurora's character ;)